Make your life Easy Today!

Let me make it clear Nobody is perfect not even this article. We all have a complicated life and this complicated life involves delicate decisions. And not all decision is right or wrong, they are just stepping stones that shape our lives.

Unlike movies, there is no end to our story. And eventually, we won’t be alive to know how was our end(on a lighter note). But there is a humongous genre of stories, every person is having its own. Some have lots of drama some lots of secrets and some prefer to stay quiet. Being surrounded by these different colors is also important.

Having said that, we still want to cut down some weight from our shoulders and we constantly try to find an alternative day in day out to make our life easier. Work, we search for alternative/tools to be more productive. We try hard to make Work & Life balanced. Here are some good practice which may help you, these proved to be helpful to me;

Cut down the lies

As humans, we are intelligent but also intelligent lairs. If you are intelligent enough its time to sit back and think over it. Is your life just a lie management program. Do you lie for a small thing like-

“I am on my way”(But you are still cleaning your mouth in the morning)

Let's go through some examples

Lie: “I am on my way”
A better way: “Sorry I am still getting ready, I am 15 min delayed” And then to make up, get something sweet for a person who is waiting for you.

Lie: “I am really busy”(When you are really tired and need some rest)
Do: “ I want to help you but I am a bit exhausted. Give me some time and will get your work done.” Take a note of this and call this person when you are ready to collaborate. Making the first move creates a trust for you and next time people will count on you and will not over expect.

Exercise this with people in your life, any random person you talk to while your daily commute. This will be so refreshing with time. You will see people are believing in you and trusting your commitments. If your name is John if John said three weeks it has to be three weeks.

Stop saying sorry, when you are not.

We are using sorry as a wildcard every day. It can bring you out from almost any situation. Sorry is also used to get rid of people, get you detached from some events, etc.

I am a programmer. I create bugs and not software, at least half of the world things like that. Just imagine 1 bug 1 sorry. This is not anyways going to help anyone. I don’t have to be sorry for that, least if I know I can fix that. I am not perfect, and I assume everyone dealing with me knows that. It doesn’t mean I can repeat the same mistakes, that's not ethical at all.

Lets again look at some examples to understand better.

Failed to attend a wedding reception: Sorry I am not able to attend your wedding. Something big bad is happening in my life.
Instead: “Hey Congratulations on your new life. I could not make it. May God bless you all the happiness!!!.
Remember if you couldn't make it anyways he is going to marry. Nothing in your life is stopping him.

At Work: Sorry that is really my mistake. It was due to heavy rain we were in hurry and somehow skipped that important work, etc. Then this sad excuse continues…
Instead: “Oh it skipped, Yes agreed that has to be fixed, I assure you this won’t happen again. Give us some time, we will fix it right away.”

When you are late and someone is waiting: “Sorry I am late”.
Instead: I am late. Thanks for your patience.
Instead of being just sorry why not appreciate someone and make him feel better.

Why we have to make always sad excuses while we are having such a pleasant life. Talking sad makes you sad and you may not have control over it with time. And at the end of the day, you might really start feeling sad for no reason.

So skip these sad sorries out of your life. Life is now a little easier & happy than before.

Don’t make it difficult for others

Until now for a while, you were reading about how to make it easier but in that process lets not make it difficult for others.

I am a believer in this line and I take this very seriously.

Everyone should benefit from my existance.

This is Guru-Mantra for humanity in just 6 words. Everyone should benefit means no one should be harmed. Just imagine if millions of people start thinking the same way, we might not even need a passport to travel around the globe.

And there are almost infinite ways you can do this. I have developed some habits just to give you a sense of the idea.

  1. I stay in a populated city. I make sure I park my vehicle in such a way that it doesn't block anybody, not even for 5 minutes.
  2. While at home you may help your wife/mother/roommate by at-least washing your own coffee cups or plates while you are washing hands.
  3. You may help others by not lying to them. By being honest with them.
  4. Follow traffic rules while they are widely ignored by the majority. Being logical on roads and not emotional.
  5. Don’t suppress others by anger until really required. Everybody is child hearted and a smile works. Try requesting for at least 3 times.
  6. Keep it silent. Don’t talk loudly, or play loud music.
  7. Say “I don’t know” if you really don’t. This will save others time and next time they will believe you when you really know it.

These could be a bit old school, but enough to feel better. And always keep it personal. Do good deeds and never expect for appreciation. Appreciations some time leads to saturation and you might not feel the essence of doing good. Keep your helping skills fresh.

Be logical before-hand

Logic is easy to apply but difficult to make you understand. Let's start with an example of a bad day at the office.

You are in deep problem. And today you need to address a problem. You know it is next to impossible today. But with experience, you can make it if you are calm enough. So here is what an average person would answer

Employee: It is difficult to solve it today itself.
Boss/Manager: I don’t know anything get it fixed today itself.
This means you don’t have any option(s).

Rather you could say it before-hand

Employee: Yes there is a problem. I will try to stretch and get it fixed.
Boss: “OK fix it.”(What else?)

Technically there is no difference in these situations, later has a less stressful approach. This will also give you a sense of ownership to your words and you won’t feel like a slave. Who knows you might crack the problem and go home satisfied. Or in a worse case at least you will reach somewhere to buy some more time depending on your output.

Ignore for good

Here we are looking at to good part of ignorance. Remember we are ignoring and not neglecting.

You want to be happy in life than you need to cut down Sadness by choice. Sadness by choice is something you may avoid and have total control over it.

  1. Avoid watching sad movies. They could be a hit on the box offices. But could affect the quality of your life. I personally avoid socially evil based movies. Abduction if fine for me :D but rape, murder etc I just avoid.
  2. You can avoid some people who are sad by hobby. You know what I mean. These are always ready with negative views and some with argument skills too. If you are Jake, Jake never gets into argument. He never compromise with his standards.
  3. Ignore “Tamashas”. You see mob gathered, or someone is fighting you cannot help then why you want to be a part of a mob. Just keep going your way. Keep your memory fresh for good.

Boost everything with a “ Thank You ”

Thank you is tonic that really works. You must and must use it every day. One end a good gesture to respect your fellow mates on other it is also an investment for the future relationship.

I remember my initial experience with the corporate world was like “Being professional is being rude”. But then it was my next company where on the first day, on my first task my Boss said this supernatural word “Thank you”. This was the first time in 2 years somebody not only paid for my work but also gift-wrapped it with a thank you.

Being Professional Is Being Polite And Humble

Yes, Thank you for reading this far :).


In our capacity we may not be able to stretch up-to all corners. By slowly introducing some habits we can shape ourselves like an artist. Keep whatever is easy to maintain you don’t have to do it at the cost of your personal/family health. Similarly from this article take whatever you feel is good and ignore rest. Take it easy



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